Thursday, November 02, 2006

Project Runway Tour

One of my first weekends in NYC was spent following the footsteps of Project Runway (hit Bravo reality series).

First stop:

Macy's for a look at all of the winning outfits.

Uli's design was the latest win. It was more beautiful in person. On t.v. you can't see the details of the seaming or the beading.

Next stop:

Mood. The designer fabric store. The store was crowded with fabrics and people. I don't know how a designer could ever find fabric in there. First there were so many choices and second it seems like there was no order - the fabric was all mixed together. There were some beautiful prints and some expensive fabric. Some of the bolts were marked $80/yard.

After Mood it was time for the Atlas apartments:

Final stop: Parson's New School for Design

There were a couple of design students out front, I wanted to ask if they knew Tim Gunn - but I was already not cool enough to be standing there, asking about Tim would just be too much.

I still want to visit Emitt's store in SoHo and the Lee's Craft Store. We walked through the flower district, but it was a let down.

The highlight of the trip was seeing the dresses in the Macy's window. There were so many people excited to see the dresses, it was great. It was also really hard not to correct people when they incorrectly identified a dress.