Thursday, November 02, 2006


6 years old
Black, Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Pounce, crunchies, playing with the cat dancer, looking out the window, tail catching

Dislikes: Chandler, non-crunchy food, the street sweeper

Roxy was the scout cat for NYC. She came out a month early and had a month alone in the apartment with Michael. This was probably the best month of her life. She had two litter boxes all to herself, a never ending bowl of crunchies that was freshened twice a day, a nice bowl of NYC tap water, grooming, playing, Pounce, and catnip every day.

Roxy was a rescue kitty. She lost her home during the wildfire of 2003. When she is with other cats she just sort of hangs out by herself. When she lived with Michael she was by his side all the time. She had 'her' side of the bed and slept with him every night, she would curl up and sleep in his lap and when he would come home for the day she was a chatterbox. With the rest of the cats in the apartment now, she is more outgoing than she was in Encinitas but not the same as she was during the magical month of September 2006.