Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Leaf Peeping

Last weekend Michael and I went upstate and looked at the fall colors. For just one night out of the city it felt like we were gone for a week. We took a train about 1/2 north to White Plains, from there we rented a car and drove about another 1 1/2 hours north. Our base of opeation was Fishkill, New York. We took all kinds of scenic routes. We drove through Peekskill (home of the Eastland School for Girls) and Sleepy Hollow. We were on lots of small two lane roads that had amazing tree canopies.

A highlight of the trip was an accidental find. I made an incorrect turn and we found a park - well parking was $6 and it was really crowded and the lodge wasn't open so I couldn't make a needed pitstop. We turned around and decided to visit West Point. On the way to West Point we saw a sign for Fort Montgomery. Fort Montgomery had a brand new visitor center with very nice restrooms, no pay for parking and it wasn't crowded! Fort Montgomery has Revolutionary War ruins. It has great hiking trails and the trees were full of color. I love it when you make a great find by accident (just call me Columbus - well if I was Columbus I would rename the site ;-)

Sunday we visted Barton Orchards. They are home to a huge corn field maze and tasty cider doughnuts. The maze was awesome. They had word and picture clues hidden in the maze and to solve the 'big' puzzle you had to find the clues.

Navigating the maze makes you hungry.

Can you find Michael in the corn maze?
Sunday was also the drive through Sleepy Hollow. It was exactly how it should look, dead tree canopies and a huge cemetary. It was almost Halloween so there were lots of local events with kids in costume. My favorite was the child dressed as a goat - why be a pirate when you can be a goat?

It was a great weekend and the kitties seemed to survive one night alone (but they might not share that opinion).