Monday, February 19, 2007

Disney All Star Movies Resort

Our bonus night was spent at a 'value' resort (the Wilderness Lodge was a 'deluxe' resort). The room was $50 less than than the La Quinta at the airport and included free transportation to and from Walt Disney World. As soon as we had the room booked, we couldn't wait to get to Disney, more importantly Disney Quest.

We stayed at the All Star Movies property. It was clean and functional, not much different than a Motel 6 but it had really great Disney theming and that free Disney transportation. We stayed in one of the 'Herbie' buildings - of course I was thrilled! Herbie was everywhere.
Herbie was jumping out of our building.
Herbie jumped in to the other building across the courtyard. At night the headlights and taillights lit up - so cute!

In between the two buildings there was a photo op/water feature area. The water is coming down behind the big tire - the car and the water are huge kid magnets. I tried to get a photo with no one else in the shot - it proved to be an impossible task.

The outdoor corridors were covered with big tools and hearts (Herbie was a Lovebug).

Even the cement had impressions of tools and car parts.

The other building themes included Fantasia and 101 Dalmatians.

All Star Movies had a huge bus queue compared to the Wilderness Lodge. I think that would be the biggest drawback of staying at this resort for an extended length of time - some of the wait time could be very long. Plus there are two other 'All Star' resorts, every time you come and go you have to make stops at the other resorts. I know we saw some very big lines of people leaving Animal Kingdom - they were waiting for the All Star resorts. That being said, you can't beat the price.

We took advantage of a few photo ops while waiting for our airport bus.