Monday, February 26, 2007

Fresh Snow

Last night we had a good snow. It's only the second time this season we've had snow stick to the ground. The first big snow happened while we were on vacation in Florida. By the time we got home, the snow was icy, black and generally not attractive.

I went to Central Park during lunch to see this snow while it was white and fluffy. The park was amazing, calm and beautiful. In the winter the park is so much different than in the summer. With the bare trees you see the city around you - in the summer you forget you are surrounded by a city. Central Park is one of my favorite places in NYC.

This is the Reservoir, covered in ice.

The next two photos are from the bridal path that runs parallel to the Reservoir. Some of the walkways had been cleared, but other paths were still covered with nice white snow.

This photo might look like the Reservoir again, but it's the Great Lawn with Belvedere Castle in the background. To protect the grass, the Great Lawn is closed off in the winter.
The next two photos show the Turtle Pond, which really is the home to turtles. I don't know what happens to them when their pond gets covered in ice. Belvedere Castle is in the background.

Two pictures of the Ramble. This is one of the most beautiful places of the park. Even though it was entirely man made and is carefully groomed, this area looks like it is growing wild. It has streams, waterfalls, rocky winding paths, and dense vegetation.

It's really hard to see, but there was a bright red cardinal in this tree. He's in the middle of the picture - look for the red spot. In the winter the Central Park employees put out birdseed. I noticed the feeders for the first time today.