Monday, February 19, 2007

Week of a Million Dreams

Just when you thought the updates had stopped - I'm back.

The blog updates had to wait until I was back in a blogging frame of mind.

Michael and I spent 6 days at Walt Disney World this February. We planned 5 days, but Mother Nature felt we needed one more day of vacation - a large snow storm in the Northeast left us without a flight home but with one more night to play.

Disney World is overwhelming. It is so large and there are so many things to do compared to Disneyland. It took us a little while to get used to the transportation system. Lots of buses! They also have the monorail and ferry boats (well they have fairies too, but they can't get you from place to place).


We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge, the hotel is themed after lodges in the Pacific Northwest - it reminded us of the big hotel in Yosemite Valley.

We had a great time and we did so much! It wasn't crowded and the weather was great. I can't imagine the crowds and humidity in the summer time. I'll stick to 'value season' when visiting, thank you. Not only did we avoid the crowds, but we got a smoking deal on the hotel/park ticket package.