Saturday, February 03, 2007

Top Design in Grand Central Terminal

Well I've been hooked in to yet another Bravo reality series. Those clever people at Bravo started Top Design immediately after Top Chef. (And you pretty much had me at the teaser 'you can't design a room around a cat') Nothing will ever take the place of Project Runway - but when the runway is empty we all need something to fill the void. Speaking of P Run, is Tim coming back? I fear his new show is a warning sign that our mentor has moved beyond the work room at Parson's. Who will fill those perfect polished shoes?

Thursday after the first show aired, I was reading the judges blogs on the Bravo website. (If you haven't had the pleasure, read Jonathan Adler's first - he can turn a phrase like no other.)

While I was there I noticed they were promoting a space that was designed in Grand Central Terminal.

Well I had to go see it first hand. Surprisingly is wasn't drawing too much interest - how can New Yorkers be so clueless? The staff in the main room was really nice - they are in the photo below (I think they were pretty bored and surprised when someone who had actually seen the show was interested in the space). With any luck we were filmed and will be imortized on the silver screen in a background shot.

I tried to keep Michael out of the photo - but he just insisted.

The 'rooms' were set up in the Track 4 area of the shuttle that runs between Grand Central and Times Sq.