Monday, February 19, 2007

Disney Studio Madness

Monday we spent the morning at Disney MGM Studios. The park is a cross between Hollywood at DCA and Universal Studios. Lots of fun props, but not very many rides/shows.

The mock subway station looked almost exactly like the real thing in NYC. Michael had his Metro card ready. I wanted to take Herbie for a spin, but the doors were locked! The storm trooper released Michael after a brief questioning - he didn't know anything about a secret rebel base camp.


We left in the afternoon (yes it stopped raining) and headed to Animal Kingdom for a few hours. Animal Kingdom was fantastic. It had great theming - we needed an entire day there, not just 2 hours. The photos is from the centerpoint of the park, the Tree of Life. It has over 325 animals carved in to the trunk - including a hidden mickey (which I didn't find).