Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bad Habits

I know my posts have dwindled over the last few days - first it has been really busy at work. And, well, I'm a bit gun shy...seems that my last post was picked up by Google alerts and now many of my co-workers have had a glimpse in to the life and times of KO. I understand I post to the world. But it is a little different when all of a sudden anonymous readers now have names and faces. So welcome to any new readers who are coming back for a little more 90th and KO. Enjoy the cat photos!

OK, I've been meaning to write about this for days - bad habits. We all have them, even the cats. With our cats it seems that each one has a different bad habit.

Sadie is all about consumption - she eats too fast and too much. When she is hungry she'll wake you up, cry, and dance about until she is fed. She is also pretty quick to anger (probably because she is hungry all of the time). She is surprisingly spry and is fast with the whapping paw when the mood strikes (literally).

Trixie doesn't always like to use the facilities properly - she is better now that we understand her issues with the 'box'.

Beckham has a sensitive stomach and tends to throw up on a regular basis. He's pretty good about hitting hard surfaces, I guess he has learned over the years.

And finally - the only bad habit suitable for photographing. Roxy the furniture scratcher:

If you look closely at her front left paw you can see something white and fuzzy. This was attached to her dew claw, a nice fluffy piece of couch stuffing. When I was in CA she had a tender paw - as soon as she put her foot down, she would immediately pick it back up as if in great pain. Michael did some triage and as it turns out, she had a piece of couch foam stuck in between her toes! Think if she actually stepped on something sharp....

As for me I have plenty of bad habits. Right now I'm trying to work on my love of 'stuff'. I like 'things', I like to shop for 'things', I like to buy things, I like to have things, I like to make 'things'. In a small apartment my 'things' seem to have taken over every available space. Time for some spring cleaning and organizing (does that mean I get to buy some organizational 'things'? ).