Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

All last week I was just throwing my hair back in a pony tail, so I knew it was time for a big change. I was tired of the mess on my head and it was finally long enough to make the required minimum donation of 10" for Locks of Love.

Bumble & Bumble never called me back for the hair modeling. I like their products and for a high end salon the prices were high but not outrageous - I decided they were the place that was going to cut my hair. I called on Thursday and had a appointment for Friday evening. The place is like a beehive - so much activity. There are at least 20 stylists and about 10 assistants along with receptionists, hair washers, a coat check girl, janitors, and the cafe workers. Yes, cafe workers - they have a little cafe area with complimentary beverages and light snacks (the snacks had low prices, $2 for sliced apple and peanut butter).

A receptionist brings you back to coat check where you check your coat and get your cute black robe. After changing you wait in the cafe for your stylist (I had a plain ice tea). The stylist's assistant then brings you over to your stylist. She did a consultation on what I wanted - then for me she made the Locks of Love cut. I really liked my hair after the first cut - I could have left at that point and been perfectly happy. After my first cut the stylist brought me over to the shampoo area and instructed the washer on which products to use. (I had the 'gentle' shampoo and conditioner, because my hair needs moisture.) The shampoo was awesome - the best chair ever. The shampoo chair was a massage chair and it raised up so your neck wasn't at an awkward angle during the wash. After the shampoo the washer gives you a little neck and shoulder massage - heaven.

Then back to the stylist for the cut. After the cut the assistant does the blow out. Rocco was in charge of my blowout, he was great. I started asking him why he was using a flat brush and then he went in to great detail about how I should dry my hair. He explained every step, maybe I'll have a chance of recreating the salon look at home. When the blow out is done the stylist comes back for the finishing touches (more styling and a little bit of cutting). She also had her assistant write out a list of all the products they used on my hair, you leave with a personalized shopping list of their fabulous products.

My hair is really short, I totally love it. It's a very sassy cut.

Finally - the photos!