Wednesday, April 02, 2008

REV Rocks!

Among the many many reason why I love working for Iomega, I have one more thing to add to the list.

This afternoon Fed Ex delivered an unexpected package. It turns out to be a cute little marketing promo for our latest product launch - REV 120.

So not only is our marketing team coming up with the ideas to tie the REV 120 product launch in with Pop Rocks and Rockstar energy drink, but HR makes sure even the people in Iomega Manhattan are included.
The other great thing about the package was the packing label; it was addressed to Iomega Corp and then our NYC address - at last, official company recognition for IOM Manhattan!
(A quick aside - last week when I was working in SD a new employee was being introduced around the office. Of course I said I work in the Manhattan office. She just smiled and moved on - how long before she realizes I was just talking about my apartment?)
But of course there is a dark side to everything. I was looking at the calorie info....wuh wuhh. The can of energy drink is 16 ounces - two servings. If you drink the entire can it is 280 calories, and 62g of carbs - all sugar. Interestingly enough the Pop Rocks are almost healthy. The entire package is one serving for a measly 34 calories and 9.5g of carbs - 8g of sugar.
Do you think if you eat the Pop Rocks and drink the carbonated energy drink at the same time your head will explode?
Oh and if you want to check out Iomega's latest and most fabulous product, REV 120, for yourself go to:
My personal favorite Iomega products are the new eGo 2.5" external hard drives. They look great, come in a range of fun colors, and they are very easy to use.