Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No Foolin'

Well I was trying to think of something cute as an April Fool's Day blog - but prank well was dry, so you just get an update.

Most of you know last week was a whirlwind of travel.

I started in So Cal with the family for Easter.

Of course there was an Easter egg hunt.

Our E. Bunny was feeling rather clever so he hid what I called 'rotten eggs', the kinder name was 'chore eggs'. Yes, that is right, some of the eggs were filled with not candy, not money, but chores! For some reason the kids didn't seem to mind. I think they liked finding the eggs and didn't really think about what was in them. In fact David thought he could turn his tickets in for at the movie theatre to see a movie!

Little CJ mostly looked for eggs in the water feature. He didn't find anything but some flighty gold fish.

Unlike Easter in NYC last year (it was snowing), the weather was a very warm 85 degrees. But I was cool as a cucumber driving around in my rental car. Hertz offered me a free upgrade to a Mustang hard top in bright red. It was nice having some muscle on the freeway!

Sunday night I drove down to SD to work out of the IOM office. During the day it was the usual office grind, but at night I managed to squeeze in a cruise planning meeting, a trip to Bev Mo, and a visit with Mel.

Early (3am early) Thursday morning I flew to UT to the Roy IOM office. I haven't been to UT in 2 years, it was about time for a visit. I was absolutely brain dead on Thursday - but I survived. My reward was shopping at the most fabulous scrapbook store. UT is really the craft headquarters. I am stocked up on scrapbook supplies, material for blankets, and I even picked up a new (to me) craft called 'punch embroidery'. Now I just need to figure out where to store my new stock of supplies.

I flew out of UT Saturday morning and was pleased to have Michael waiting for me at the airport. He helped me carry an extra bag full of clothes and craft supplies. I hit up Target and Old Navy. At Old Navy I found a small stack of cashmere sweaters marked down to $9.99 from $69.50 - well that was a deal I couldn't pass. I found a really cute faux wrap dress at Ross for $16.99, I saw the exact same dress at a cute little boutique in the UT airport for $56.99 (it was even the same name brand). I was so pleased. And possibly Mel has a formal dress for the cruise, if it doesn't work for the cruise she is set if she ever goes on a reality t.v. dating series!

It was a great trip - but I'm happy to be back at my desk in IOM Manhattan!