Thursday, September 16, 2010

6 Items Or Less

The concept of wearing only 6 items or less during the workweek has been making the rounds in the morning shows.

In June a group of people took the challenge and wrote about it on the website. It was more of a challenge than anything else.

The suggested items of clothing for the work week:

  • jacket

  • skirt

  • pair of pants

  • dress

  • 2 shirts

For the weekend:

  • jeans

  • 2 t-shirts

  • shorts (the challenge was posted during the summer)

A total of 10 items for an entire month. Undergarments, accessories, shoes, swimwear, workout clothes, work uniforms, and outer jackets (rain slickers) don't count. They also suggest that if you have multiples of the same items that doesn't count (more than one black t-shirt) but I think that is pushing the premise. It doesn't really matter - the rules are more like a suggestion it is more about the concept of limiting your choices and what results because of the limited choices.

MomO decided to give it a try, but just for the office. She is pretty sure no one in her office will notice. Her items of clothing are:

  • black pants

  • black skirt

  • black and white print dress (one of mine, I forgot it last time I was in CA and it's a great knit dress that doesn't wrinkle and has a flattering fit)

  • black jacket

  • black and white blouse

  • red blouse

Lots of black - she could fit in a New York office no problem.

I am also going to give it a try. My list is a little longer. I have 12 items but that does include two tank tops for layering purposes. I have the ballet twice this month and I decided that I can wear something different to the ballet as I have too many pretty dresses to limit myself for a special event.

Here is my list:

  • blue jeans

  • black jeans (I was considering black pants, but chose the jeans as I dress casually most of the time)

  • khaki skirt

  • black knit dress (Bex, the one I wore when we saw American Idiot)

  • multi-print short sleeve top with the dominant color being tan

  • gray embellished short sleeve t-shirt

  • gray long sleeve t-shirt

  • blue button down oxford shirt

  • gray tank

  • black tank

  • black drapey cardigan

  • denim jacket

I put all the pieces together and it doesn't look like much. It would be a great way to pack for a long trip - as you would have many options from not too many pieces of clothing.

Yesterday I wore the khaki skirt, embellished gray t-shirt, and the denim jacket.

I think I enjoyed the process of selecting the 12 items more than I will wearing them for a month - we'll see. I will say it made getting dressed yesterday a very easy process. Instead of trying to figure out what I was going to wear out of my entire closet I just focused on the 12 items and I didn't try on multiple outfits before I made my final outfit decision of the day.