Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whiskey and Cheese Pairing

Tuesday night we enjoyed a special event at one of our favorite restaurants. It is one of the few places that will get us to leave Manhattan. Char No 4 is located in Brooklyn and features a large selection of whisky and bourbon and an outstanding menu. The food is meat-centric and most dishes have a lovely smoky quality.

The pairing featured 5 selections of whiskey each served with a different cheese.
Just as with wine and cheese pairings, whiskey tasted one way on it's own and different when paired with the cheese. The cheese brought out different qualities of the drink.
I enjoy whiskey but I love cheese so I enjoyed the cheese selections more than the whiskey.
My favorite cheese of the night was a mild sheep's milk cheese from Wisconsin called Dante.
Post-tasting we had a light meal at the bar. We had a great time on what otherwise would have been a quiet Tuesday night.