Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer Break

We had two rounds of company the last few weeks of August. The blog posts suffered but as always we had a great time entertaining our friends.

First Ben and Christine visited - Ben is Michael's childhood friend and Christine is his wife. They have been to NYC before, but in December. They remember the city as very cold and very crowded with tourists.

Michael took time off of work to show them the sights during the week. They visited the Intrepid, Top of the Rock, and rode the Staten Island Ferry. (I had to work - boo - if you don't know by now I have very limited vacation days this year, so unacceptable.)

But by Friday night I was able to join everyone for a quick tour of the Met. Of course we had to enjoy a sunset cocktail on the roof under the bamboo canopy.

Saturday was a beautiful day and we spent quite a bit of time in Central Park. We even went out on the row boats.

Of course by Sunday we were all exhausted. We took them to the airport and had a quiet night. But our rest didn't last too long because Marissa was coming in to town Tuesday afternoon.