Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Labor Day Project

I bought the bundle of fabric pictured with the completed project below.

It is all a soft cozy flannel in a very cute holiday print.

Most of the fabric cutting was done, I just had to even up the squares and cut the borders. I pretty much finished the entire quilt top on Labor Day.

I'm really pleased with how cute it looks - my quilt top is pictured below, not too different than the store version even.

Now I need to buy the backing and binding fabrics and get it quilted. I have to send it out to be quilted as my machine just can't handle such a large project (as it turns out my machine is having problems finishing smaller quilting projects too).
I probably should give the completed project to someone as a gift, but I want to keep it for myself. I have lovely visions of curling up in the quilt with a mug of hot chocolate this winter.