Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Coast is Clear

We spent one day of our visit to Oregon on the coast.

It was really warm inland, in the high 80's and 90's but the coast was overcast and cool - it was a good thing we all grabbed our jackets.

I'm standing in front of the bridge at Newport.

Here's a nice shot of the bridge without my big head in the way. You can see where the clouds end, that was the only blue sky we saw all day.

Looking out to the Pacific Ocean. Can you see any whales? We didn't see whales but we did see harbor seals a little further up the coast.

The lighthouse at Newport. It was only in service for 3 years, as it couldn't be seen well by passing ships. They had to build a new lighthouse up the coast in a better spot.

After the lighthouse we headed up the coast and visited the Sylvia Beach Hotel. It has 20 rooms all themed after famous authors. They let you tour any rooms that are open. It was cute, some of the rooms were better decorated than others. The best were the common rooms. They were filled with big comfy chairs and couches, books, puzzles and windows looking out to the ocean. This area of town had some great public art.

A bench decorated with all kinds of critters.

A great doorway.

After the walk around Newport we headed up the coast to Depoe Bay for some taffy and a view of the World's Smallest Harbor. (I'm not exactly sure how they determined this is the World's Smallest Harbor. I tried a quick Google search, but I didn't find any good information before I was bored with the project.)

Michael in front of the World's Smallest Harbor. Now more impressive than the harbor, and not featured in a photo was the egg white taffy. Instead of being made with coconut oil this salt water taffy is made with egg whites. You could almost taste how good it was for you. The best part about this taffy store was you could do unlimited taste testing while you made your taffy selections. We all ended up with fat bags of salt water taffy.

I loved these gates, they led down to the boat dock at Depoe Bay.