Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This Is Your Birthday Song

This is your Birthday Song
It isn't very long.

Elizabeth taught that to me this summer - it's my new favorite b-day song. And with my singing voice, the shorter the song the better.

Michael's mom celebrated her birthday during our visit. (What a way to earn bonus points with the family, right?)

We managed to spread the celebration throughout the entire week. First there was the over night stay in downtown Portland.

Next a night of presents.

Including, what's this...can it be?

Why yes it is, an iPod Nano!

And finally a big dinner with the family. Pictured below are Michael's grandma, Michael's mom, and a family friend.

Of course there were more presents to open.

Little Jordan was the entertainment for the evening.

Cousin Cody (Jordan's dad) and Aunt Marilyn (Jordan's grandma and Michael's moms sister)

The whole group (gotta love the self timer on the camera).