Friday, August 24, 2007

Meow Mix Acatemy

Last week Meow Mix presented its 'Think Like a Cat Acatemy' in Union Square.

All week they had free seminars so you could learn how to understand your cat better - and to promote Meow Mix, of course!

These stone cats stood outside the entrance - just like the lions at the public library.

Inside they had rows of lockers, classrooms, a cafeteria, and of course cats up for adoption. It was all pretty cute.

The cafeteria was full of Meow Mix treats and wet food free samples. The first day I visited there was no one in the cafeteria, so I loaded up on the treats and wet food. The cats loved the wet food! The second day the food was being monitored, so I was only allowed to take one of each item offered. They were handing out full size bags of treats and cans of wet food - so even when limiting what people could take it was a very generous promotion.

One of the 'classrooms' was a gym, it had this rock climbing wall and

a human size ball of string and human size cat trees for climbing. I just took photos - no climbing for me!

Last Friday I took advantage of one of the free 'classes'. Artist Jenny Belin was on hand to create a portrait of your kitty - for free! It corresponded nicely with Roxy's 1 year anniversary of living in NYC and finding her human. Below is the artist, Jenny, with the sketch she created from photos of Roxy. (You should have seen the woman that pushed her way to the front of the line to get her kitty portrait done first. She was a complete whack-a-doodle. Apparently she wants to start a website that would be a virtual cat zoo/museum - people could post photos of their cats and look at other cats, for a fee! She actually asked me if I would pay for something like that - uh no, not really.)

I framed the sketch and Roxy gave it to Michael Friday night. Jenny did such a good job - the portrait is awesome. She does human portraits as well - if you are interested in her work her website is (And after seeing her prices, it was a real steal getting this portrait for free!)

And now it is hanging on the 'cat' wall in the apartment.

For more information on the Acatemy go to:
They are taking it on the road and will be touring the US - if they come to your town be sure to visit!