Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Visit With Debbie

My good friend Debbie and her family live in Eugene, OR - we spent a night with her during our trip.

Of course I took pictures of her pets and baby, but no pictures of Debbie or Jim. Maybe next time...adults just aren't as interesting at the pets or kids.

Libby the dog. She is really good with the new baby.

Hobbes the cat. He is also really good with the baby and Libby too. He has an awesome custom built cat scratcher - my cats would be so jealous if they knew.

Jim and Debbie's new house. It's huge and has a great guest bedroom.

Debbie's new baby - he's huge. OK, he's maybe a little bigger than average but he seems big compared to baby CJ. Levi was great during our visit, he's a really happy and healthy baby. He's about 6 months old in this photo.

And the infamous bottle of chili pepper oil. Mom and I gave this to Debbie at her bridal shower. Mom packed it in her suitcase and the chili oil set off all kinds of alarms. The let her bring it through after lots of questioning and now when ever she flies she has to go through a secondary search. I was glad to see they still had it on display.