Thursday, February 04, 2010


Acclimatization or acclimation is the process of an organism adjusting to change in its environment, allowing it to survive changes in temperature, water and food availability, other stresses and often relates to seasonal weather changes (or in our case the dreaded time change).
(Thanks Wikipedia.)

In an effort to prepare ourselves for the 5 hour time change in Dublin we have been trying to adjust our sleep schedule. Much like travelling from the West Coast to the East Coast if you are used to getting up early and going to bed early it is easier for you to adapt from PST to EST.

We have been trying to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. It's rough - but Michael has been getting to work early and today he hit the gym before work. And what have I been doing with my extra hour or two each morning you posts!

The cats have been on a later schedule too, when Michael gets up before 7 they are all still asleep. Of course they wake up pretty quickly and remind me it is time to feed them breakfast.

We're headed to Dublin next Wednesday and staying through Monday 2/15. I think the weather will be similar to NYC but I need to start looking at the temps so I can work on my pack list. Of course I'll be relying on my Uniqlo Ultra Light Weight Down jacket and heat tech to keep me warm.