Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Anthropologie Spring Windows 2010

Redefining 'going green' - Anthropologie in Rockefeller Center puts together some of my favorite window displays. They are inventive and playful and they always use everyday materials to make a clever display. This spring is no exception, the windows are alive with color and flowers - a welcome sight on a cold winter day.

Looking more closely the flowers are made of plastic water and soda bottles! They have been cut and colored and transformed from trash to spring flowers. The photo below is a close up of the spray of flowers in the photo above.

Front view of another window display:

And close up from the back of the display (or inside the store):

The clothes all mix in well with the display too - great merchandising.

Look at a close up of the skirt in the photo above - the print is so fun and happy. I love it but I know I would never wear it (yes those are blue and pink monkeys).

The props add to the overall design as well - the spray of flowers coming out of the huge faucet is just fabulous.

And this cart full of oversize blossoms is so cheerful.

Thanks for brightening up my winter Anthropologie. Oh and thanks for the great sale room too because next to the window displays nothing perks me up like a great deal on a fantastic frock.