Thursday, February 04, 2010

Runner's Log

I've been sticking to my training schedule and logging in the miles but I'm still not at the non-sweep pace.

Wednesday is always the short run day (2 miles - who knew that in just a matter of weeks I would consider 2 miles as "short" and "easy"). Yesterday I decided to really push my time and pick up the pace. Success! I did my 2 miles in 25 min and 20 sec - putting me about 1 minute per mile under the non-sweep pace. Now I just have to work on endurance at that pace.

Thursdays are always a tough day. It is always a longer run and a strength training session. The long run today is 4 miles; it increases every two weeks. Sundays are the really long run days - more miles that anything during the week. I'm supposed to do a 5K race this Sunday and 7 miles next Sunday. I'm thinking I should do the 7 miles this Sunday just in case I can't get it in when we are in Dublin. And I really need to get outside and hit the pavement. So many things on the need to do list - I think I will sit and dwell on my small accomplishment yesterday before I worry about the workout today.