Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Visiting the Gingerbread Man

I took the gum paste flower class at the International School of Confectionary and Sugar Arts. The school has three main areas, the store and gallery, the classroom, and the dining room. Each area has a themed bathroom.

The dining room and it's bathroom are decorated in a loose Tuscan theme.

The classroom has the Cupcake bathroom. It is all pink and brown and has cupcake ornaments, pink striped grosgrain ribbon around the tops of the walls, and a small pink beaded chandelier.

But my favorite bathroom was in the store and gallery area - it was the Gingerbread bathroom. I meant to take photos of all three bathrooms because they were really cute, but I only remembered to get photos of my favorite.

Below is the sign on the door - yes it is a baking sheet and above it is a spatula and a cookie cutter.

The walls were painted a perfect gingerbread cookie brown. The mirror was set in to a cookie sheet and had a rolling pin at the bottom. There were cooling racks on the walls with faux cookies. It was all just so cute. The sink had a gingham curtain and the light was covered with a wire colander.

And the very best part - the shelf with jars containing Sugar, Spice, and All Things Nice!