Thursday, April 05, 2007

So East Coast

A few things to cover before I get to my intended topic of the day.

It was snowing this morning! It didn't stick - but that doesn't matter. It shouldn't snow in April. Mother Nature needs to check the calendar and get some spring weather started.

I went out for a walk this afternoon and it was freezing. The wind was fierce. Again, it is time for warm weather, winter should be over and done.

I think I saw Barbara Walters walking in the park today. I heard her distinctive voice and barely saw the face - an unconfirmed sighting, but I like to think it was her.

I also had the pleasure of seeing someone attempt to parallel park. Small car, big spot, flat street and they still came in at a sharp angle and ran up over the curb. Why can't people parallel park in this city?

OK, enough other stuff. I had to post a photo of my new cashmere blend argyle cardigan sweater. Just in time for Easter on the East Coast. Of course I found this at Talbot's - nothing says 'East Coast' like Talbot's. So I don't look entirely like an Easter egg I'm thinking of pairing it with brown pants and brown Old Navy tank (I have to give the ensemble a little bit of 'West Coast' edge), but I'm not sure about shoes yet.