Saturday, September 29, 2007

1st Sex and The City Movie Sighting

We were walking back from dinner at Craftsteak last night when we passed a film shoot on location in the Meatpacking District. Michael noticed the director's chairs on set said 'Sex and the City'. Of course I was totally excited, we had to go across the street to see the set in action. It was really hard to see anything with the lighting on set and being across the street. But it was so exciting just knowing SJP could be there.

We waited forever and I was sure I saw SJP on set - either it was body doubles or just crowd scenes they were shooting. Finally after about an hour and a half SJP and Kristen Davis walked on to the set. The crowd went wild. SJP turned and waved to everyone. They were working late, it was 11pm by this time. They still needed to get in to wardrobe - so you know it was going to be a while before their part of the scene was shot. I did see the rumored 'new' 4 girls walking in to a club scene - they shot that scene at least 6 times.

We learned that they wet down the streets because it makes them look nicer on film. They had a water truck on set and it hosed down the streets and sidewalks several times. Something to look for in the movies - now that we are 'in the know'.

Here are my two photos - you weren't allowed to use flash, but it wouldn't have helped much anyway.

The set is using a furniture store called Vitra, I think they were making it in to a club for the movie - maybe an opening of some kind? All of the girls were dressed to the nines and there were velvet ropes set up out front. The Soho House is also right there - maybe something was being filmed in Soho House?

Here is a profile of Soho House from NY Mag -

The first rule of Soho House is don't talk about Soho House. Given the amount of attention dedicated by gossips and media bloggers, you’d think this members-only British import was shrouded with the secrecy of a fight club or Skull & Bones society. While membership acceptance policies still carry a sense of intrigue, plebeians can plunk down a chunk of change for a temporary entrĂ©e into high society. For anywhere from $445 to $1,250 per night, visitors can reserve one of the Meatpacking District club's 24 guest rooms, each featuring exposed wooden beams and brick and equipped with plasma screens and DVD players. Reservations can be tricky, as members are given preferential treatment when booking. Those who do manage to score a room receive access to all areas of the club including the bar, restaurant, game room and famed rooftop pool.
I can't wait to see if this makes it in to the movie. And I really hope I see another filming during the day so I can get better photos.