Friday, September 28, 2007

Arts and Crafts

What do you get from

2 and 1/2 spools of black thread

7 old aloha shirts

Hours and hours at the sewing machine?

One awesome Christmas present!

I finally finished one of the Christmas craft projects on my to-do list. This has taken me two years from idea to finished project. I didn't work on it all that time - but it did take more time than I anticipated to complete.

I'm really excited with the finished product, hopefully the recipient will be just as thrilled.

Using some of Jason's old aloha shirts, I made a throw blanket. The shirts were cut in to blocks and sewn together in a quilt-type fashion. The best part about the throw is the shirts were washed so many times the fabric is really soft, perfect for snuggling. The back of the throw is soft fleece material edged with the shirt overhang from the front. The edging was one of the more difficult parts of the entire project.

The front of the throw is pictured above, this is the back of the throw: