Monday, September 24, 2007

Who flipped the switch?

Last week, when I came back from SD, I immediately noticed summer had been switched to 'off' in NYC. No more girls in cute dresses and sandals - pants, jeans, and boots only! It was so nice the week I was in SD I didn't even think about the end of summer - but now summer's over and I have to pack away my shorts and flip flops. At least the weather in the fall is pretty nice, cool crisp air without humidity and the changing colors of the leaves. Last weekend was sunny and beautiful, a nice way for summer to end and fall begin.

Last week was actually pretty busy..

Tuesday night we went to a very small Counting Crows show in the city. It was a fan appreciation event held at the Town Hall theatre. With just under 1,500 seats it was a great way to see the band. They filmed the show for a future DVD release, maybe we'll be on the DVD! (But apparently the last time the Crows filmed a DVD Adam was too sweaty and they never finished the project. This time he was prepared and changed shirts often.) The best part was the last encore. Singers from other bands joined the Counting Crows on-stage and they sang Adam's favorite songs. It was an awesome set with lots of great guitar and songs that were classics to everyone else but new to me.

Thursday night was trivia night at our new favorite local bar. We won free shots with the best team name of the night! Not that we needed shots, but it's always nice to win something. What was that team name you ask? There's no "I" in team, but there is in "Free Drinks"

A little cumbersome to write five times (once on each answer sheet), but definitely got a good laugh from the crowd. We led in the trivia until the last round - we totally blew it and came in third place. I'm already studying up on my current events for this week! (Did you know Resident Evil: Extinction was number 1 in the box office this weekend with receipts of $24M? Well now I do!)

Saturday morning I woke up super early and couldn't fall back asleep. I got sucked in to an Ugly Betty marathon and now I am hooked. For me it was the best new show I didn't watch last season. I am now completely hooked. The show has really good characters and witty writing - the guest stars have been big name actors, and who doesn't love a show about New York fashion? Season 2 starts this Thursday - set your Tivo now!

The weather was perfect on Sunday, we headed to the Lower East Side just to check out the neighborhood. The Lower East Side was once one of the most densely populated areas of New York. Before subways were installed most people lived and worked in the lower part of Manhattan - it was their only option. The building architecture is really interesting and the area has a nice grit (unless you walk too far east and then the grit is a little too gritty).

On a recommendation from Bex we visited Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery. Gail King's favorite cupcake in NYC. We taste tested the vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting. The cupcake was a pocket friendly $1.50 with a classic buttercream frosting. The cake was light but a bit crumbly, not as sweet as some of the other cupcakes available in the city. I don't know if they were my very favorite, but it was a very good and I like the back story. The bakery was started by two friends who tested recipes for a year.

When trying to decide a name, they found the words written in cement and knew it was fate. Of course they tell their story much better - check out the website:

And we found what I have decided is the most dangerous looking teeter-totter ever built - it is the blue base and red board on the left side of the photo. Who was this built for? Kids that are 6 feet tall? Really - this seems like it would be good for kids? Really?