Thursday, September 27, 2007

Photoshop Your Figure from Self Magazine

Loved these tips from Self Magazine this month - I mean who doesn't want to look slimmer in photos?

Photoshop Your Figure

Sneaky ways to airbrush your body before the camera goes click.

Slim Your Smile
  • Ditch any hint of a double chin by pressing your tongue up to the soft palate in your mouth before you say 'cheese'. Tensing your chin's underside helps lift any extra skin while allowing you to maintain a natural smile. This tip comes from Lo, a former plus size model.

Stand Like An A-Lister

  • Stand at an angle so one foot points toward the camera, while the other points perpendicularly to the side. Putting one leg in front of the other makes your hips, thighs, and legs look half their width, as the other half is out of sight.

Adjust That Posture

  • Ever wish you could suck in your thighs? Standing pigeon-toed is the next best thing. When you turn your legs inward, you give yourself that coveted space between the thighs. Or, if you're more interested in a virtual tummy tuck, tilt your hips backward as you stand so your butt sticks out slightly; this elongates your torso, seemingly flattening your lower abs. (Employ one strategy per photo op; combining both might look strange, not body-slimming.)

We all know tip #2 is a tried and true KO photo standard, but I think I need to practice #1 and #3 before they can be rollled out in public!

I expect nothing but fabulous photos from Club 33 now. :-)