Friday, September 28, 2007

Latest Food Find

This first find is going to sound really strange, but it is addicting. It's spicy peanut butter. Made by Peanut Butter & Co in NYC this nutty hot mixture is great with cool celery sticks. It would make a great sauce for chicken satay or with Thai noodles.

For more info on the company that makes this tasty spread go to:

And another find that I can only get in upstate New York, Polar Soda. (You would think they had a polar bear on their logo, but it's a seal.) They make so many varieties of diet soda and they are all delicious. But the most unique and my favorite is the diet double fudge soda. It really tastes like chocolate - and mixed with some vanilla vodka it's like an ice cream sundae with no calories and a kick.