Tuesday, September 25, 2007

**One Year Anniversary Blog**

***Special One Year Anniversary Blog***

Can you believe it's been one year since I've moved to New York? It's gone by so fast but at the same time it feels like I've been here forever.

In one year I've mailed over 50 packages for a total of $468.43 - just doing my part to keep the US Post Office strong. I've shipped everything from real Marc Jacobs handbags to dragees (but not to California because that is illegal), and most recently an open half eaten bag of cat treats (that was a mistake but I think the Tabby Trio probably enjoyed them all the same).

I spent $440 on subway cards. That equates to 264 one-way rides. And I don't miss my car one bit. Every banged up bumper and traffic jam I see just reminds me how nice it is to not have to drive on a daily basis.

I've flown 49,376 miles - that is just about the equivalent of circling the Earth, twice. Actual time in the air just over 100 hours, thank goodness Jet Blue offers Direct TV! I never missed a flight, but I came really close a few times. And I never had a bag get permanently lost - but I was a little stressed when one of my bags went missing last Christmas.

I calculated my carbon footprint. I was very sure now that I don't drive every day I was making the earth a little greener - unfortunately my increased time on airplanes wipes out any good from not driving a car. Just looking at automobile emissions vs plane emissions my carbon footprint has increased 3x! So if you have to drive everyday, don't feel so bad - the people flying are screwing it up for everyone.

The things I miss the most about California:
  • Sunday shopping at Target
  • my own washer and dryer
  • Southern California style Mexican food
  • being able to wear open toe shoes year round
  • sunsets at the beach
  • grilling food outside
  • the smell of the ocean air
  • my friends and family - you can't replace the people you've left behind but I love knowing they are always there for me

The thing I love most about New York:

  • leaves changing colors in the fall
  • the incredible Christmas window displays and decorations
  • the first green leaves of spring
  • fabulous food with so many choices
  • the amazing shopping
  • being able to always have a drink with dinner and not worry who is driving home
  • working from home with my incredible office staff
  • Michael

In the last year I've learned:

  • cats are very resilient
  • flat closed toe shoes can be cute
  • planes fly both directions
  • working from home (in your pj's) isn't boring
  • if you cross a bridge on the subway you've probably gone the wrong direction

This has been an amazing year full of changes. I resisted moving because of what I thought I had to give up to do it. But really for everything I gave up, I got something else in return. The job is even better, the cats are content, my friends and family are still my friends and family, and I get to live in one of the most exciting and amazing places in the world with someone who makes me happy.

My predictions for year two in NYC?

Get used to the idea of gift cards this Christmas!