Sunday, January 07, 2007

Heat Wave

It was 70 degrees Saturday!

It was so nice outside. Michael and I walked around Central Park, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. The park was packed - just about everyone in the City was enjoying the sunshine.

We watched the turtles swimming in the turtle pond. Usually the pond is frozen solid this time of year - what happens to the turtles when the ice freezes? Around all of the ponds in Central Park there are signs that warn you to watch out for thin ice. They all look really silly, considering there is no ice to be found.

The only New Yorker that I hear complaining about the weather is Michael. He likes the cold and snow and blizzards. Lots of people are talking about global warming - but I know, it's just Mother Nature being kind to me.

I'm sure there is snow on the way - but I'll take as many 70 degree days as I can get.

On another weather note - did you know this is the first time since the 1880's that New York didn't get any snow in the month of December. I saw it on the news. Merry Christmas to me!

The holidays were great, back in California for Christmas and then a pretty mellow but fun New Year's in NYC. Now it's back to work (year and close - yuck) and getting ready for Disney World in February!