Thursday, January 25, 2007

Restaurant Week, Dinner #2 - Mesa Grill

Appetizers for Dinner
SOPHIE'S CHOPPED SALAD with Her Own Special Dressing + Crispy Tortillas


GRILLED BLUE CORN "CUBANO" TACO with Roast Pork, Swiss Cheese, Tasso Ham, Pickled Jalapenos + Tomatillo Relish

Entre├ęs for Dinner
SIXTEEN SPICE CHICKEN with Mustard-Red Chile Gravy + Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes with Crispy Shallots

YELLOW CORN CRUSTED CHILE RELLENO filled with Acorn Squash, Goat Cheese + Sage with a Fig-Cascabel Chile Sauce

ANCHO CHILE-HONEY GLAZED SALMONwith a Spicy Black Bean Sauce + Roasted Jalapeno Crema

Desserts for Dinner

Smoked Vanilla + Toasted Pecan Flan

Chocolate Pudding Cake with Pineapple Tequila Granita
I had the chopped salad, 16 spice chicken, and the chocolate pudding cake.
Michael had the 'cubano' taco, the salmon, and the flan.
The salad was very tasty - it had kidney beans, garbanzo beans, jack cheese, olives, and tortilla strips. The dressing was really nice. I really enjoyed the salad, but Michael's starter was excellent. It was so different, a great combination of flavors and it had a great sauce.
Both the chicken and the salmon were excellent. The chicken was cooked to perfection. It was tender and so juicy. The spices on the chicken were very unique - it was almost sweet (cinnamon or cardamon) at the first taste and then it was spicy. The potatoes were amazing - with little fried scallions on top, like little onion rings. I didn't try the salmon, but I did try the black bean sauce - it was really tasty. The plating on the salmon was really nice - it had a couple of other sauces on each side and little dollops of the jalapeno cream.
The flan was the best flan we have ever tasted. It was very soft, almost like a creme brulee consistency and the combination of the vanilla and pecan flavors was so delicious. Michael had the flan (he doesn't like chocolate - and we had to try each dessert), he wasn't too excited by it when ordering, but...he ended up loving it and finishing the whole dessert. My chocolate cake was soft and gooey - a nice deep chocolate flavor. I liked the pineapple granita better - it was so light and delicious after a heavy meal.
I had a house margarita with dinner - it was excellent.
The restaurant was loud and bright. It had a fun vibe - definitely not intimate with low lighting. I was really excited about dinner here and we were not disappointed. In fact we both wanted to try the other dishes from the menu - we joked about ordering another meal with the soup, relleno, and the best flan ever!
Next in the belly - lunch at Smith & Wollensky.