Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Met

Finally a weekend with no chores or other obligations. Saturday we decided to go The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met).

It's about a 10-15 minute walk from our apartment and Michael can get us in for free (what a great job perk).
We didn't realize it, but as an added bonus The Met is open until 9pm on Saturday (good info for any of you planning a trip to NYC in the near future).
The museum is huge and has an amazing array of collections. Everything from Greek and Egyptian antiquities to Tiffany silver and Craftsman furniture.
One of my favorite spots in the museum is the sculpture garden. It is located in a huge atrium towards the back of the museum. The windows across the back all face Central Park.
The first picture is a view of the atrium from above. There are lots of benches, it's a perfect spot to rest your feet and people watch. The nest photo is one of the sculptures in the garden, three very cute bears. I put it here for Karen in Seattle. It looks like it belongs in her backyard!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One of my favorite collections is the Arms and Armor. Their collection is so extensive. The full coats of armor are amazing. The details are so beautiful, but then you realize how heavy and stifling they must have been to wear.
Yet anopther another favorite display is the Frank Lloyd Wright designed living room. Many of the displays at The Met are very large. Entire living rooms, big statues, and Egyptian ruins. The collections at The Met are so diverse, there is something for everyone - but it can get really overwhelming.
The costume area has a fabulous clothing display right now - I could have spent hours looking at the closet of a New York socialite.
As a guilty pleasure, we ended the day with dinner at Chevy's Mexican Food in Times Square (not named for all of the good times people have there but for the NY Times newspaper, in case you were wondering). It was just as tasty as we remembered. Not the best Mexican food in SD, but the best in NYC. At least 95% of the people in there had to be tourists - and you could tell the bar tenders hated their jobs. At least one looked like she wanted to be on Broadway, but the Chevy's bar was as close as she could get.