Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wake Up Call

Beckham, who is so cute, has developed a new little personality quirk.

Sometimes he is very, very hungry in the morning and wants to be served breakfast immediately. He doesn't jump on you or paw at your face (like some of the other cats). He comes in to the bedroom and screams. It is this bloodcurdling cat yowl that makes your heart pound. He is demanding that someone get up and feed him. Of course he doesn't eat crunchies, he has special canned kitten food. This cat has no control over his emotions.

Did you hear, his namesake is coming to play soccer for LA - for a huge amount of money.

I need to figure out how to make cat Beckham the mascot or special friend of the real Beckham. Cat Beckham is so handsome and he loves to play soccer - how can the real Beckham resist? I'm sure he would love to sponsor cat Beckham, so he can live in a manner that is appropriate for a cat of his beauty and talents.