Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Restaurant Week - Meal #4

Victor's Cafe - Cuban food

The decor looked like Desi Arnez should be playing the bongos - definitely had a Latin club feel. Big, bright murals on the walls, palm trees, and a split level dining room that allowed for some tables to look down over the main floor.

The food was interesting and good, but nothing special. It had a great review in Zagat, so I was really hoping for something out of the ordinary, but all of the food tasted like something we've had before.

I started with a shrimp filled empanada and Michael had chorizo grilled with peppers and onions and served with root vegetable chips. The chips were the best part of both appetizers. They were salty and crunchy and very tasty - we especially liked the plaintain chips. (Not to be confused with parsnip chips which apparently are not very tasty at all.)

For dinner I had roasted pork and Michael had shredded beef in a mild spicy sauce. Both meals would have been great taco or burrito fillings. We did get a side of fried plaintains and they were delicious. Thick slices of plaintains pan fried until they were soft on the inside and slightly crunchy on the inside.

I had a very nice mango sorbet for dessert and Michael had flan (his new favorite dessert). The sorbet was delicious and the flan was good too - but not as good as the Mesa Grill flan.

It was a good dinner, but we probably won't be heading back any time soon.