Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Chair

My desk chair has arrived (can you hear the choir of angels singing) - good bye metal stool with no back support, hello perfect chair.

Setting up the home office hasn't been easy. I need it to be functional, but I also want something stylish and I don't want to spend a ton of money. And space is a big consideration. In the office we need to have room for 2 desks, bookshelves and clothing storage.

The desks and bookshelves we used what we already had. For my clothing storage I had a dresser and we bought a simple (read cheap) wardrobe from IKEA. The missing piece was my desk chair.

I didn't want a big leather desk office chair - too much chair for me. I didn't want arms (they get in the way), I didn't want it to be fabric (cat hair magnet), and it needed to be very comfortable.

Michael went to so many furniture stores with me, on my quest for the perfect chair. Most of the time it was a quick sit down in the chair and I knew it wouldn't be comfortable for a day of work. Finally I found a chair that looked cool and was comfortable. In fact it was the only chair that I sat in and immediately said - this is a really comfortable chair.

Once I found the chair I had to think about it - was it really the right chair? Then I had to research it on the Internet and find the best price. Once I ordered the chair it was shipped from Germany and took 8 weeks for delivery. Finally last week my chair arrived! I LOVE it. It is so comfortable - exactly what I wanted.

Just in case you too need this chair, it is the Henry Miller EAMES Eiffel side chair. No arms, no fabric, stylish, and comfortable. The design has been around for something like 50 years. It is perfect - totally worth the wait.