Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Restaurant Week - Opening Night

Last night we had dinner at Thalassa - the first stop on our restaurant week eating fest.

Thalassa is high end Greek food, with an emphasis on fresh sea food.

They had 3 choices for starters, main course, and dessert for their restaurant week menu - and they were all nice selections.

We sat down and were immediately served a wonderful home made baba ganoush (an eggplant dip) and 2 types of fresh bread, and a bowl of Greek olives. (Yes, they provided a dish for the olive pits - for anyone who watches Top Chef.)

I started with a crab cake served with a delicious sauce and gigantic white beans that had an olive oil dressing. The crab cake was almost all crab and the sauce was really tasty. The beans were served cold but I liked them. It was a solid starter.

Michael started with a grilled octopus. It had a great flavor, but I didn't care for the texture. Michael really enjoyed it.

For dinner I had a pan fried sea bass served with beets and fingerling potatoes in a lobster sauce. The sauce was so delicious, it tasted like lobster bisque - the sauce made the dish. Michael didn't get so lucky - he had fish as well. It was grilled and served in a caper sauce with wilted greens. His fish had bones and the presentation just wasn't that nice. I lucked out last night.

For dessert he had a Greek doughnut - the flavor was good, fried dough with honey and sesame seeds, but some of the fritters were a little tough. I had a yogurt cake (basically a soft cheesecake) with raspberry sauce. The desserts were fine, but nothing outstanding.

The restaurant itself had a great ambiance. It was located in Tribecca (a pretty 'hip' neighborhood) and used to be a phyllo factory. It had really good lighting, lots of candles and soft/indirect light.

We probably won't go back - but it wasn't a waste of a night either.

Tonight is Mesa Grill - a Bobby Flay establishment. I looked at the menu and I want everything! I'm really excited.