Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Restaurant Week - Meal #5

Lure Fishbar - Delicious seafood in a great setting.

We had a fantastic dinner last night. We changed our Tuesday night reservation 3 times and ended up at Lure. It's located in Soho (one of my favorite places to shop) and had a very 'hip' vibe. The main dining room is made to look like you are dining on an ocean liner. The restaurant is below street level, so it doesn't have any windows - but the way it is decorated you feel like there are windows. And the decor wasn't overdone or too nautical, it was warm and comfortable.
Their restaurant week many had 4 choices for each course - and so many of them sounded tasty it was hard to make a choice.
Starters: They brought nice warm rolls to the table with softened, whipped butter. I chose the raw bar tasting. It included 4 oysters, 2 jumbo shrimp, and a seafood salad. Everything was fresh and delicious. The shrimp were steamed and the meat was tender with an excellent flavor. Michael had the salmon tar tare which was topped with a chive cream and was served with toast crisps. His salmon was excellent as well.
For dinner I had a steamed white fish with a pesto like sauce (it was green and very mild) that was served with fried oyster mushrooms and jasmine rice. Michael had the seared ahi that was served with edemamme, shitake mushrooms and watercress. My fish was mild and cooked to perfection. The ahi was a beautiful tuna steak, barely kissed by the grill (exactly as ordered).
For dessert Michael had the cheesecake and I had the baked apple. The cheesecake was creamy with a graham cracker crust and berries on the side. The baked apple was peeled and cored, stuffed with spices, brown sugar, and raisins and then baked. It was served with a shot of spiced cider on the side.
The meal was not only delicious but a great value. We can't wait to go back. And as an added bonus I got to go through my favorite store in Soho on the way back to the subway. Kate's Paperie - it is a a huge stationary store filled with paper, cards, stickers, journals, gift wrap. A perfect end to the night.