Monday, June 11, 2007

All About Brooklyn

Saturday was all about Brooklyn.

We started the day at the Brooklyn Brewery. Two days a week the brewery is open to the general public - Saturday for (free) tours and tasting and Friday for Happy Hour.

Getting there took forever due to track work on the 'L' train. We ended up just missing the first tour of the day, beer tasting helped fill the time until the next tour.

The tour was just one room, but pretty interesting. Here are the 3 things I remember: started by two guys (Steve and Tom) who were tired of the day-to-day grind, the brewery uses wind power, and they have low employee turnover.

Warning Father's Day gift spoiler - they might have a published a book that covers all of this in greater detail and it just might be part of a Dad's Day gift along with some coasters.

Post tour we did some more tasting and met the brewery cat named 'Monster'.

From here we travelled by subway to the Transit Museum, always a favorite. I really wanted to go for the gift shop - I needed some G train items for Ernie's get well package. Nothing gets you back on your feet like and official New York Subway tee shirt.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus - oops I mean, Don't Let Michael Drive the Bus!

(A little bit of children's book humor, just ignore it unless you are Melissa.)

Think you have trouble finding a parking spot? Be glad you don't live on this Brooklyn street.

We ended the day at Grimaldi's. The best wood fired pizza in New York. But they always have a wait and Saturday we were there at the exact time they were stoking their fire. Which means once a day they re-do their fire in the pizza oven and it takes an extra 1/2 for you to get your pizza - wuh wuuhhhhh.

From beer to pizza we enjoyed some of Brooklyn's finest offerings.