Monday, June 04, 2007

The Spiked Arnold Palmer

Alternate title: The Happy Gilmore

My latest favorite cocktail: The Spiked Arnold Palmer from Lure Fishbar in Soho. I started experimenting with a version of this cocktail in March, I called my version The Happy Gilmore, as it was a twist of an Arnold Palmer (half lemonade and half ice tea beverage).

Friday night I met Michael on the train headed south. He needed a new pair of sunglasses, so off to Canal St. for some shopping - what a great way to end the week! We both managed to find a few new pairs of sunglasses (my Chanel glasses are tres chic). Walking uptown from Canal St. we wandered through Soho and decided we needed a break. We were able to get seats at the bar at Lure Fishbar. Lure really was our gem of restaurant week - we've been back several times.

I originally ordered a Tanqueray and Tonic, but while I was looking at the drink menu I changed my mind. I was able to catch the bartender before he started my pour and I was treated to a Spiked Arnold Palmer. The drink starts with fresh mint being muddled in the bottom of the glass. Lemon juice, simple syrup, tea infused Imperia vodka, and ice are added to the glass. It's shaken and poured in to a frosty pilsner glass with a shot of soda water. Garnish is a slice of lemon. It is a light and refreshing drink. The fresh mint really changes the cocktail, my version was similar but didn't have the fresh mint - the mint makes all the difference.

I asked the bartender about the tea infused Imperia vodka - something new? Turns out they make the tea infused vodka right at the bar, just throw some tea bags in with the vodka.

I have my fresh mint, lemons, and tea infused vodka all ready - time to get shaking!