Thursday, June 21, 2007


Saturday (6/23) turned out to be quite a day.

Little did I know when I got up that morning I would be meeting Angela Lansbury!

For Christmas Michael and I received a gift certificate good for two tickets to any Broadway show. We were planning to see Spamalot, but Gordy and Linda were nice enough to buy our tickets for that show.

When I found out Angela Lansbury was coming back to Broadway after more than 20 years, I knew this was the show I wanted to see.

She is starring in the play 'Deuce'. According to

"Stage legends Angela Lansbury and Marian Seldes team up in this warmly funny and unexpectedly touching new play by Tony Award-winning playwright Terrence McNally (Master Class, Love! Valour! Compassion!). Deuce tells the story of the reunion of two retired women tennis players who once made up a championship doubles team. When they meet again at the U.S. Open, the women—now at the end of their lives—find themselves trying to make sense of the professional partnership that brought them to the top of the sports world in their youth. The pairing of four-time Tony winner Lansbury, who was last seen on Broadway more than 20 years ago,and Tony winner Seldes, a mainstay both on and off Broadway, makes Deuce one of the season's most anticipated theatrical events."

I wasn't sure how much we would enjoy the play, but I really wanted the opportunity to see Angela Lansbury on stage.

We completely enjoyed the play. We had great seats - front row mezzanine, almost center stage. The set was simple but well done - a tennis stadium with crowd graphics, stadium seats for the two stars, and a press box. The clever writing combined with the spot on delivery and comedic timing of Angela Lansbury and Marian Seldes made the 90 minute show fly by. There was no intermission, those ladies were on stage and performing to perfection for 90 minutes straight. An amazing feat for any actor, now consider Angela Lansbury is 81 years old - the memory and stamina she possesses is incredible. Watching her perform was really something special and I felt so lucky to be sitting in the audience.

After the show we headed out of the theatre and ended up at the Stage Entrance just by luck.

A crowd was already lining up outside the door, so we decided to wait. It was a really nice day in NYC, sunny with bright blue skies not at all humid and a light breeze to keep the temperature just right. Most people were lined up on the northern side of the stage entrance, but we decided to stay out of the sun and wait on the southern and shady side of the stage entrance.

This photo is from our view on while we were waiting. You can see (in the distance) the theatre sign and in the foreground the crowds waiting for Angela Lansbury to make her exit.

After about 15 minutes the doors opened and out she came to cheering fans. She was changed in to casual clothes, but she still had on all of her stage makeup. She looked fantastic.

She turned to her right and with Sharpie in hand, immediately started signing autographs.

Here she is signing my Playbill!

With Michael snapping the photos I was able to watch her work the crowd. She answered questions, posed for pictures, and signed many autographs. It total she spent at least 15 minutes with her fans.

Finally it was time for her to go. She waved to the crowd, we all cheered and then she got in her car and sped away down 8th Avenue.

Look at me with my Angela Lansbury autograph. Not only did I get an autograph, I got to talk to her and see her as the gracious and talented star that she is.

And finally, my autographed Playbill. As soon as I am home from travel it will be framed and hung in the office. Merry Christmas indeed!