Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Something New

I managed to get a new tag on my bags when I flew to CA last week. They put this on your bag when you are probably going to miss your flight and your bags are going to most definitely miss your flight. You have to agree that it will be OK if your bags come on a later flight. You might be wondering how I got this tag - it's a pretty short story, let me start from the beginning.

I was flying to CA to work in the San Diego office and then take a few vacation days with the family.

I left with what should have been plenty of time to get to the airport via taxi. Unfortunately traffic was terrible, even the taxi driver said he's never seen traffic so bad on a Sunday afternoon before. There was no baseball game at Shea Stadium, no rain, no accidents - it was just slow. Usually it takes about 35 minutes to get to JFK. This particular Sunday it took 45 minutes to get to LGA (La Guardia Airport) - about half way to JFK from our apartment.

I had pretty much decided that even though the cab driver assured me I would make my flight, I wasn't going to make it. I've had my share of close calls and I just figured this was my time to not make it on the plane.

I ran up to the Sky Cap 20 minutes before my plane departed. This guy was amazing, he took me inside to a person that checked me in and tagged my bags. Within minutes I was running through security. Luckily there were no lines at security and my gate was close. I actually made it to the gate before my row was being boarded!

I'm pretty sure I was the happiest person on that entire plane.

When I landed in SD, I decided to get my rental car and then circle back to baggage claim - as I would most likely be making arrangements to get my bags the next day. I picked up the car, drove to Terminal 2 and walked in to the baggage claim office to see my two bags waiting for me!

Three cheers for Jet Blue.