Monday, June 04, 2007

Question: Is Jon Bon Jovi the Greatest Rock Star from New Jersey

Fact: Jon Bon Jovi is from New Jersey
Fact: Jon Bon Jovi is a great rock star
Fact: Jon Bon Jovi sings the New Jersey tourism theme song

"Who Says You Can't Go Home"
Jon Bon Jovi

Who says you can't go home
There's only one place they call me one of their own
Just a hometown boy, born a rolling stone, who says you can't go home
Who says you can't go back, been all around the world and as a matter of fact
There's only one place left I want to go, who says you can't go home
It's alright, it's alright, it's alright, it's alright, its alright

(In case you don't live in the New York area you will have to imagine the families running along the beautiful sand dunes and beaches of New Jersey while this is being sung by Bon Jovi.)

Well you are probably wondering what this incredibly long intro has to with my post all ties back to the Jersey Shore. After our ferry boat ride we landed at Sandy Hook one of New Jersey's beaches.

Compared to our adventure to Orchard Beach, Sandy Hook was GREAT. Big sandy beaches, not too many people, warm sun and a gentle breeze. And every beach had amenities that included snack bars, outdoor showers, and restrooms.

We took a shuttle to one of the more southern beaches at Sandy Hook - it was somewhat crowded but nothing compared to what we saw Memorial Day weekend (you can kind of see the people in the background of the next two photos).

After a short walk up the beach we found a nice sand dune to claim as our own - no one around at all!

The beaches really did have dunes with beach grass blowing in the breeze - just like in the commercial! (I'm singing that song in my head now - thanks New Jersey Board of Tourism.)

Isn't this a great picture? I can't take credit - Michael took all of the good artsy photos.

From the Sandy Hook brochure:
"Sandy Hook is a barrier beach peninsula at the northern tip of the New Jersey Shore. Its location at the entrance to New York Harbor assured Sandy Hook's importance for coastal and harbor defense. For more than 200 years most of the peninsula has been a federal reserve. This military presence both shaped Sandy Hook's history and assured its preservation as open space. Today, in summer, visitors enjoy swimming and strolling the beach. Anytime of year there are opportunities for birding, fishing, hiking or discovering the park's natural resources and historic sites, including America's oldest lighthouse."

The cannon below is part of the Fort Hancock Historic District. It shoots 20" cannonballs that protected the fort over 100 years ago.