Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Product Reviews - Updates, Bitten, and Foot Petals

Product Update - Fit Flops (Thumbs Up)

I wear them all the time, they are very comfortable to wear all day. And now I'm used to walking in them so they don't go flying off my feet and I don't have to think about my toes gripping as I walk. As for the increased leg muscle tone I don't see any major changes but they have to be doing something, right?

Product Update: New Shoes (Thumbs Down, but really want them to be Thumbs Up)

I still think they are really cute, but they are giving me huge heel blisters! I've worn them twice and ended up with heel blisters both times. The first time out I just wore them around the hood, so I could get a feel for their comfort level before committing to an all day wearing. Blisters on both heels! I added heel grips, which usually solves all heel blister problems and wore them to a casual dinner in Union Sq. Some walking involved, but not miles and miles. Right foot was fine, but the left heel blistered up again.

Now I'm facing the dilemma of adding another heel grip to the left shoe and giving them another try or just tossing them. The cuteness factor will probably win this battle and I'll give them another try - but if they fail it will be 3 strikes and they are out!

New Product Review: Bitten clothing line by SJP sold at Steve & Barry's

Love the prices, nothing over $20 but I have some fit issues. None of the pants, jeans, capris seem to fit me correctly. The basic tees also don't work for me. But the items that do fit well I absolutely love them and wear them all the time. The shorts are great and at $10 a pair an incredible value. I have a few tops that are in my regular rotation. Everything is holding up well in the laundry and seems to be well made (buttons staying on, seams holding together, no shrinkage). The photo shows off a cropped pea coat from the Bitten line. It is heavy weight cotton, fully lined, and a steal at only $20. Of course I won't be wearing it for awhile - but when the weather cools I think it will be a great go-to jacket.

New Product Review: Foot Petals

These may not be a new product on the market, but they are new to me. Love them! Not only do they come in the options shown above they offer full inserts, sole cushions, and strappy strips. The heel cushions are great for shoes that make the back of your heels blister, they prevent slipping and provide cushion. The strappy strips are perfect for shoes that have strap heels - they keep the straps from slipping as you walk. Check out the website for details on the full product line: www. footpetals.com